F-Matic Urinal Deodorizer Descaler & Cleaner

Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of calculus build-up in pipes and prevents new build-up from forming. No tools, tapes, or screws required for a simple, seconds-only installation. Easy refill cartridge for fast servicing. Contains no paradichlorobenzene, a possible carcinogen. Septic tank safe, no harsh cleaner. Semi-permanent bracket reduce waste from each use. Refill cartridge made with #5 recyclable plastic.


F-Matic Urinal Deodorizer, Descaler & Cleaner-30 Day Refill

30 Day Refill, 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #FM02-30R

F-Matic OmniGuard™ Starter Kit

Starter Kit, 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #FM02-30K1